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Before installation:

1 ) type of connection from the customer ?

  • single phase 230 Vac : 16   20   25   32   40   50   63 A
  • three phase 400Vac /N: 16   20   25   32   40   50   63   80 A
  • three phase 230 Vac   : 16   20   25   32   40   50   63   80   100 A

2 ) Has the client got enough energy left over on his existing installation ? 3.7 kW (16A/230V) or 11 kW (16A/3x400V) or 22 kW (32A/3x400V) ?
If not, he should contact his energy provider and ask for a bigger counter.

3 ) Does the client want an RCD type B connection (obligatory in Belgium) installed in the charging station or in his electrical cabinet ?

4 ) Does the client want to sell his energy to third parties ? if yes he requires a MID approved meter

5 ) Does the client want an online-platform to supervise his consumption, users, ... ? If yes, which connection is available ? ethernet, wifi, GPRS ?

During installation:

Connection 3.7 kW

230V AC ~ 50Hz, 3,7kW (16A) P+N+PE
minimum 2.5 mm²

Connection 11 kW

3x400V AC ~ 50Hz, 11kW (16A) 3P+N+PE,
minimum 2.5 mm²

Connection 22 kW

3x400V AC ~ 50Hz, 22kW (32A) 3P+N+PE,
minimum 6 mm²

Terminal must be earthed. Ensure, that yellow-and-green wire is connected to the working earhting contact!
Ensure, that wires to power grid have proper diameter. It must be minimum 16mm2.

The installation, commissioning and maintenance of the charging station may only be performed by correctly trained, qualified and authorized electricians who are fully responsible for the compliance with existing standards and installation regulations.

Ensure that the charging cable is not mechanically damaged (bent, pinched or run over) and the connection area does not come into contact with heat sources, dirt or water.

Before commissioning, check all screw and terminal connections for firm seating!

The connector panel cover may never be left open unattended. Mount the connector panel cover if you leave the charging station.

Shut down all poles and all sides!

Secure against reactivation!

Check that the equipment is voltage-free!

Ground and short-circuit!

Cover adjacent live parts and restrict

access to hazardous areas!

Repair work to the charging station is not permitted and may only be performed by the manufacturer (replacement of the charging station)!

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